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About us

Adalaty Centre is an independent organisation led by Syrian women that seeks to elevate their voices and experiences to impact and lead on the understanding and delivery of justice (in all its forms) in Syria. 

The centre aims to create a space in which diverse women contribute to public discourse and to knowledge production through the lens of their individual and collective experiences for the purpose of strengthening awareness of human rights, women’s rights, and democracy within Syrian society; setting priorities for a future Syria that is built upon sustainable and just peace; and preserving women’s narratives of the Syrian struggle for democracy since the outbreak of the 2011 revolution.

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Recent news

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Discussion Session

On May 14, 2024, Adalaty Centre organized a discussion session with a group of Syrian women activists in public affairs.
The session included the following topics: the concept of justice in the Syrian context and the involvement of Syrian women in creating justice strategies, in addition to the achievements, opportunities, and obstacles in this context.

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If you are a Syrian/Palestinian Syrian woman and would like to share an article for publication surrounding a personal experience or a vision on justice (in any of its forms) in Syria, please fill in the following form. 

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