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 Our Team


Executive Director

Amneh Khoulani

Amneh Khoulani is a leading human rights defender and consultant with several Syrian civil society organisations. She holds a Master's degree in History as well as a diploma in Education from Damascus University. Amneh is co-founder and former director of the Families for Freedom movement. She is also co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Madaniya. Amneh serves as a consultant to the Syrian British Consortium, Hurras Network, and the Syria Resource Group.


In 2020, Amneh received the International Women of Courage Award from the US State Department for her efforts to achieve justice, peace and democracy. She was honoured that same year by the Alabama House of Representatives for her efforts in non-violent struggle. She took part in the first official session held by the UN Security Council on detention in Syria in 2019. 


Amneh joined the civil movement in Syria when it began in 2011, while coordinating with the Darayya local council. She is a survivor of the Syrian regime's prisons, after being detained with her husband for her human rights activism. Her three brothers are still forcibly disappeared. Amneh served as the director of the Justice Network for Syrian Women while in Lebanon. Before the Syrian revolution, she worked in the field of education in Damascus high schools and co-founded the Darayya Youth Group in 2003 for peaceful change. 


Dr. Yasmine Nahlawi (PhD Public International Law) is a legal consultant with a focus on international legal mechanisms and processes pertaining to the Syrian conflict. Her more recent work, including with the Syrian British Consortium and the Atlantic Council, revolves around Syrian-led efforts for case-file building, knowledge production, and pursuit of accountability avenues. She has published widely on Syria, including her book “The Responsibility to Protect in Libya and Syria: Mass Atrocities, Human Protection, and International Law” (Routledge 2019).

Legal Director

Dr. Yasmine Nahlawi


Communication coordinator

Ruba Al-Ahmad

Ruba Al-Ahmad has been a practicing lawyer since 2009. She holds a degree in International Law from Washington College of Law as well as the title of Consultant in International Arbitration from the Arab Union of International Arbitration in Cairo.

Over the past ten years, Rouba’s focus has been on international law and human rights law. She delivered several trainings on children's rights as well as on international law and human rights to a group of legal experts, in cooperation with the Washington College of Law. Rouba currently serves as a legal consultant to Hurras Network, in which she also previously served as the director of the Documentations Unit, leading a team of over 30 to develop their expertise in legal documentation and child safeguarding in accordance with international and local legal standards.


Social media manager

Sarah Farah

Sarah Farah is a seasoned social media and communication specialist with a passion for crafting compelling digital narratives and engaging with online communities. With a background in marketing and communication, Sarah brings several years of experience to Adalaty Centre's team.

Having worked with diverse NGOs, such as the International Forum for Understanding, Sarah has honed the art of translating the organization's vision and objectives into impactful social media content that resonates with target audiences.

From developing creative strategies to implementing data-driven campaigns, she is adept at leveraging the latest trends and technologies to drive engagement and build awareness.

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